3 Keys to Converting Visitors into Customers

During an average day for Bakery Butler we come across many websites for bakeries who are interested in what Bakery Butler has to offer. We believe that Bakery Butler is a needed tool for any bakery, but it is not a magical way to attract visitors or even convert visitors to customers. That is the job of your website and we are finding that many websites lack the fundamental elements needed to effectively convert visitors into customer.

1. Drive visitors toward your order page from EVERYWHERE

The Home Page: There are lots of visitors that come from Facebook or Google that are ready to order. Don’t make them search for your order form. Place it prominently on the home page in a place that’s visible without scrolling. If not a form then, at least, a visible order button. Another way to make it easier for customers coming to your site from Facebook or some other social media service is to link them directly to your order form. It’s okay to let them skip the home page and all the other stepping stones you have placed. SELL THEM SOME GOODIES!

Supporting Pages: If you have a page with a slideshow featuring your products, there should be a bright, shiny button labeled “ORDER NOW” that drives people to your order form. The same goes for price lists. If someone is interested in your prices they are interested in ordering so give them easy access to your order form.

Every page, every image, every link, every tidbit of information should be a stepping stone toward your order form.

2. Make it easy for customers to contact your bakery

Every professional web site has a copyright notice and links to privacy statements and emails. If you’re a professional baker selling your services and baked goods then you should absolutely have your contact information where your users expect to find it. In addition to contact information, don’t forget a link to your order form!

At any moment a visitor on your website should be able to see an order button, phone number, or email link.

3. Show off your work with customer comments

That’s right. It’s okay to brag about your accomplishments. Customer testimonies build trust and make visitors feel comfortable ordering from you so use that. Use it everywhere.

Place pictures of your work along with quotes from your customers throughout your site. If your customer is looking at your price list there should be a picture of one of your products with a quote stating how delicious and affordable your product was. By now you know what I’m going to say, right? Yes. Put that order button right under the quote!

How do you get these quotes?  It’s easy. All you have to do is ask.

Do you need a website? Is your website in need of some TLC?

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