3D Volkswagen Bug Cake Tutorial

Learn how to create a 3D Volkswagen Bug cake! It’s not as hard as you think and you don’t need any specials tools either.

Finished Volkswagen Bug Cake
Volkswagen Bug Cake Diagram

Step 1: Draw a Volkswagen Bug diagram to go by

Use reference photos of real Volkswagen Bugs to draw a basic outline of our cake shape and then added rectangles to represent our cakes.

Stacking cake for Volkswagen Bug Cake

Step 2: Stack the cakes

Stack your cakes like Lego blocks to get the basic shape of the finished cake. Sometimes you can used the carved off pieces of cake to build other features like fenders in the case of this VW Bug.

Initial body carving for Volkswagen Bug Cake

Step 3: Carve the cake shape

Using a sharp bread knife carve out the basic shape based on the Volkswagen Bug diagram from step 1. Note: we decided to make the front a bit rounder than our diagram.

Adding Volkswagen Bug fenders

Step 4: Add the iconic Volkswagen Bug fenders

We cut out the fender shapes using the portion that we cut from the third layer. We cut one side at an angle to match the body shape so the outer sides would be even.

Crumb coating our Volkswagen Bug Cake

Step 5: Crumb coat and add base fondant

I didn’t get a picture of just the base crumb coat but you get the idea from this photo. Here we add the wheels and a thin ribbon around the base to give the impression that the Volkswagen Bug is lifted off of the board.

Defining the Volkswagen Bug shape

Step 6a: Add Volkswagen Bug ridges

Volkswagen Bugs have distinct ridges in the body. To recreate this we rolled out some fondant int a 1/4 inch snake and then placed it on the body.

Defining the Volkswagen Bug shape

Step 6b: Add “shaper snakes” to body

We also add these fondant pieces to the back of the body. We used black fondant for this because we had already mixed up our green and didn’t want to risk using any of our green fondant.

Finishing the Volkswagen Bug Cake Shape

Step 7: Covering with fondant

Before rolling out the fondant be sure to add some fresh icing using a piping back. This will help the fondant to stick to the cake, and allows some flexibility to push in and shape the fondant around the underlying snakes giving us the perfect Volkswagen Bug shape.

Adding the Volkswagen Bug details

Step 8a: Adding the Volkswagen Bug details.

We chose to simply paint in the windows with black gel paint. Then we started adding the little details.

Adding the Volkswagen Bug details

Step 8b: Adding more details.

The lines were simply drawn in using a small knife. Be careful not to cut too deep or your fondant will split.

Adding the Volkswagen Bug details

Step 8c: Adding more details.

Be mindful of the little bits and details. Use references of the real thing and match as closely as possible. Even if the body shape is a little cartoony people will recognize what it is based on the details.


Don’t be intimidated by these types of cakes. You don’t need a mold to make awesome cakes! Take your time. Plan out your cake. Make it happen.

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