Taking Orders Online? If Not, You Should Be!

Sales slowing down? Give them a boost by taking orders online for your bakery

Take Orders Online and Boost conversions!According to research from IPSOS, commissioned by PayPal, far from being an extra “expense,” internet operations boosted businesses’ bottom lines. The survey found that:

  • Of small businesses that sell online, 64 percent said the internet has increased their revenues or sales.
  • 48 percent felt the internet helped to expand their geographic reach in the United States.
  • And 73 percent saved money by decreasing administrative costs.

A steady cash flow is top priority to a new bakery whether it’s online or brick and mortar. This study found that small business owners who take orders online felt it allowed them to conduct business easier.

Benefits to Taking Orders Online for Bakeries

Taking orders online will free up your time as you get more orders. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s true. Imagine: you are elbow deep in icing when the phone rings. It’s a new order! You clean up and race to the phone only to find that it’s a wrong number. Taking orders online gives you the freedom to finish what you’re doing and get to that order when you’re done. Also, there are no wrong numbers or bill collectors sending orders online so you know each alert is a new order.

Another benefit for bakeries, or anyone selling good and services, to taking orders online is the fact that orders can come in while you are not at your bakery or workplace. Sometimes, customers might feel the need to order in the middle of the night. They know your store hours because they can see them posted on your website, right? Why not give them a way to order right then and there? Wouldn’t it be nice to come in to work the next day to find you have some new orders just waiting for you?

An Easy Way to Take Orders Online

Taking orders online may seem like a daunting task, but the reality is it’s never been easier. Bakery Butler helps bakeries make the transition by providing the tools you need to be successful online. Never have bakers had such a clear, easy and relatively inexpensive opportunity to reach a global marketplace for so many products and services. It’s amazing how a bakery can thrive when its customers only need to lift a finger.

Taking Orders Online is easy with Bakery Butler