Boost Conversions To 80%

Boost conversions!

While managing my own bakery, along with my wife, I noticed that we were getting plenty of requests for quotes, but we were not getting responses to the quotes we were sending out. In fact, our conversion rates were horrible. We couldn’t understand it. Our prices were very competitive and our quotes were very reasonable, but we just weren’t converting.

Look for Patterns And Trends

I decided to start tracking our requests, quotes and responses. After a few weeks of monitoring conversions and looking at the events surrounding the conversions I found the pattern. The key element to conversion was the response time. The results showed that when we responded to requests within 15 minutes of receiving it our conversion rate rose to 80%. That rate diminished drastically as time ticked on. It was clear that a system needed to be put in place that would allow us to respond as quickly as possible, and this is when Bakery Butler was born.

An Online Solution To Help

Now Bakery Butler is available to every small bakery owner! Bakery Butler allows you to easily add an order form to your site which collects your online requests and alerts you as each request is sent. Each time one of your visitors submits a request using the Bakery Butler form you get notified immediately. An easy to use interface allows you to quickly send quotes out as soon as they come in. If 15 minutes has an 80% conversion rate imaging what 5 minutes could do.

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